Work in progress

Market Design for Land Trade: Evidence from Uganda and Kenya (slides)

with Dr. Gharad Bryan (London School of Economics), Dr. Jonathan de Quidt (IIES - Stockholm University) and Dr. Tom Wilkening (Melbourne University)

Engaging the private sector in the refugee crisis (IPA blog)
with Francesco Loiacono (IIES - Stockholm University)

Can direct contact and vicarious contact improve social cohesion between refugees and locals? Evidence from a work experiment in Uganda

with Francesco Loiacono (IIES - Stockholm University)


We Need More Respectful and Inclusive Experiments in Development Economics: A Proposal
with Francesco Loiacono and Apollo Tumusiime, Promarket
*cited in the World Bank Development blog & Chris Blattman/IPA weekly links

Twitter thread on photography in the Global South, development research and written consent.

The World Bank Development Impact Blog turns 10: we celebrate with a new logo! *Photography and logo by Mariajose Silva-Vargas

Improving access to labour markets for refugees, Evidence from Uganda
with Francesco Loiacono, IGC Policy brief & Report

Uganda’s Nakivale Refugee Camp: Notes from our PhD fieldwork, UNU-Merit 

Making the labor market more inclusive for refugees - grant announcement, IIES

Interview on research grants and fieldwork, UNU-Merit


J-PAL  Jobs and Opportunity Initiative (Pilot Project) - 2020

Private Enterprise Development in Low-Income Countries (PEDL) - Exploratory Grant, 2020

Peace and Recovery Programme (Full Grant) - Innovations for Poverty Action, 2020

Peace and Recovery Programme (Exploratory Grant) - Innovations for Poverty Action, 2018

Small Projects - International Growth Centre (IGC), 2018

United Nations University PhD Fellowship, 2017-2020