Work in progress

Market Design for Land Trade: Evidence from Uganda and Kenya [Slides] [Latest version]

with Dr. Gharad Bryan (London School of Economics), Dr. Jonathan de Quidt (Queen Mary of London) and Dr. Tom Wilkening (Melbourne University)

Matching with the right attitude: the effect of matching firms with refugee workers [Latest version][IPA blog, VoxDev]
with Francesco Loiacono (EBRD)

Can work contact improve social cohesion between refugees and locals? Evidence from an experiment in Uganda 

with Francesco Loiacono (EBRD)


We Need More Respectful and Inclusive Experiments in Development Economics: A Proposal
with Francesco Loiacono and Apollo Tumusiime, Promarket
*cited in the World Bank Development blog & Chris Blattman/IPA weekly links

Twitter thread on photography in the Global South, development research and written consent.

The World Bank Development Impact Blog turns 10: we celebrate with a new logo! *Photography and logo by Mariajose Silva-Vargas

Improving access to labour markets for refugees, Evidence from Uganda
with Francesco Loiacono, IGC Policy brief & Report

Uganda’s Nakivale Refugee Camp: Notes from our PhD fieldwork, UNU-Merit 

Making the labor market more inclusive for refugees - grant announcement, IIES

Interview on research grants and fieldwork, UNU-Merit


J-PAL  Jobs and Opportunity Initiative (Pilot Project) - 2020

Private Enterprise Development in Low-Income Countries (PEDL) - Exploratory Grant, 2020

Peace and Recovery Programme (Full Grant) - Innovations for Poverty Action, 2020

Peace and Recovery Programme (Exploratory Grant) - Innovations for Poverty Action, 2018

Small Projects - International Growth Centre (IGC), 2018

United Nations University PhD Fellowship, 2017-2020