Academic profile - Mariajose Silva Vargas

Note: I am currently visiting the IIES at Stockholm University.

I am a PhD Fellow at the Graduate School of Governance - School of Business and Economics at Maastricht University & UNU-Merit. I use field experiments - behavioural experiments and randomised controlled trials - to answer economic and policy questions in the Global South.

In the fall semester 2019 I visited the Global Poverty Research Lab at Northwestern University. In spring 2017 and fall 2018 I visited the IIES at Stockholm University.

Previously, I worked in Uganda and Tanzania for 3 years managing impact evaluations for the World Bank & Innovations for Poverty Action. 

Before all of this academia extravaganza, I worked as: waitress, call center agent, messenger at conferences, photographer at weddings, singer/dancer in musicals in Bolivia, Italy and Uganda.

I hold a master's degree in Agricultural Economics/Rural Development from Ghent University & Humboldt University of Berlin and a bachelor in Political Science from Roma Tre University.  I am Boliviana (Paceña) & Italian (Roma) and grew up between both countries.

Full CV here and on-going research here 


Dr. Ir. Eleonora Nillesen (Maastricht University & UNU-MERIT)
Dr. Jonathan de Quidt (IIES - Stockholm University)


Twitter: Marijo_Silva_V

You can also check my photographic work (a.k.a. best work - sorry academia!) on this website