"My name is Adonis, I am a Congolese refugee in Nakivale. Two years ago I founded the NGO called YAREN - Young African Refugees Entrepreneurs Network. Our purpose is to give skills to refugees, from leadership, language skills to entrepreneurship. Our next step is to write a proper project proposal in order to start raising money, but for that we need to define our main goal - so far we have too many!"

"I am a local chairperson LC1 in Mbarara. My work is to assist humans, no matter where they come from as long as they reside in my area - otherwise I direct them to the relevant zone. If people looking for jobs come to me, I give them a recommendation letter. I try to keep them out of the streets! Yet, one of the biggest problems in this town in relation to youth labour, is sport betting and gambling."

“My name is Ahmed Dahir, I am an elder leader of the Somali community in Nakivale refugee settlement. Maybe if you could tell our stories to other Somalis outside the settlement, they would help us. You can also use my full name so that they know that is a fellow national who is talking to them. Here in the settlement the situation is not good, the food is not enough, jobs do not exist, and big organisations do not listen. But we try our best. Also, I think research is good for us, but next time can you share the results with us? the community? many people ask us questions but we never know what they found”

IGREC Research team composed by Ugandan, Congolese, Burundian and Somali field officers, plus one Italian and Bolivian-Italian Researchers.


#FolksInDevelopment is an ongoing series of people that work, live, are part of the development world. These are folks that are trying to bring development in their life, community, field of research, or the world in general!